“Supporting sustainable energy revolution”

Energy production, consumption and transmission are undergoing a huge revolution now that renewable energy production, which is often decentralized, is becoming widely used. Consumers become producers and digitalization with new electricity storing solutions shape the energy field more dynamic. The roles of the actors involved in the energy economy are changing. There is room for completely new value networks, roles and interconnections between the actors. The transformation of the energy system challenges the current architecture, technologies and business models. A new kind of system intelligence and agility will advance development. There is a growing need for multidisciplinary collaboration between the business world, the scientific community and consumers. In developing intelligent energy solutions alongside technical and systemic issues, it is also necessary to develop new services and business models.

Tampere University (TAU) and VTT combine the knowledge of smart energy systems and research infrastructures into a unique multidisciplinary entity – SENECC (Smart Energy Systems Competence Center). SENECC promotes experimental and commercial approach to energy research and development. Smart Tampere – development sites and other pilots of the area will create a vast test environment for SENECC research and development innovation, offering a significant growth and pioneering opportunities for the economic life of Tampere region on a rapidly developing energy market.

The purpose of SENECC is to develop and operate the smart energy innovation ecosystem in Tampere region.

SENECC Mission:

“Organically evolving innovation smart energy ecosystem where high-quality and impactful research is carried out”

Kari Mäki
Research Professor at VTT
“Smart Energy System has three goals:
Save the earth, keep the lights on and make business”

Pertti Järventausta
Professor at TAU
“Business and scientific communities can find each other and exchange information fast and easily”

Sanna Öörni
Co-creation Manager at VTT
“Globally recognised series of most advanced smart energy systems created in Tampere region”

Yrjö Majanne
Project Manager at TAU

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